Pumpkin Superstitions


It is almost July and I’m burning a pumpkin scented candle. Too soon? My friends are watching their pumpkin seeds become seedlings, so I can start shoving pumpkin knowledge into your faces. Right? I will start slow with a short list of pumpkin superstitions. Enjoy!

  • Carrying a hollowed-out pumpkin on Halloween will protect you from evil spirits.
  • Eating a pumpkin stalk will make you foolish.
  • In China, the pumpkin is a symbol of fertility.
  • Pumpkins are best planted on Good Friday.
  • Once growing, never point at a pumpkin! It will cause them to rot.
  • Eating pumpkin seeds can quiet “an excessively passionate nature.”
  • Pumpkin seeds, when mixed with oil to create a paste and then rubbed on the skin, will eradicate freckles.
  • “Plant pumpkin seeds in May / And they will all run away. Plant pumpkin seeds in June / And they will come soon.”
  • Eating pumpkin seeds will cure worms.
  • If cows eat pumpkin seeds, they will go dry.


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Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash


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