5 from the Archives: Haunted Indiana


I have gained some new followers on social media, so I thought I might spend some time diving into the archives. Y’all have missed a lot! Don’t worry, I’ll catch you up…

This week, let’s revisit some posts on spooky Indiana!

Six Haunted Bridges in Indiana

They say there’s more than corn in Indiana. It’s true. We have haunted bridges, too!

A Hoosier Ghost Story with a Pun

A funny story for the kids!

The House of Blue Lights

Did this Hoosier keep his wife’s body in a glass coffin surrounded by blue lights? I explore a legend from my childhood.

In My Commonplace Book: Two Mausoleums and a Bottle of Wine

I share two ghost stories about haunted mausoleums. Spoiler alert: ghost dog.

The Chain on the Tombstone 

Why does a chain stain appear on this tombstone?


Photo by Dimitar Donovski on Unsplash

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