Chapelle Ardente: My Writing Space


When we got our house a year ago, the first room I painted was my writing room. I chose black, of course (Behr’s Broadway). Nicknamed Chapelle Ardente, this room is where I escape to light candles and research the paranormal, filling the pages of my commonplace book. Or, I’ll sit in my chair on a weekend morning with coffee and a spooky short story (usually from this series or this collection or this collection). Or, I’ll hide in here when I need an introverted moment of decompression (which is daily).

I really enjoy seeing the spaces people create in and when Kira Butler shared her writing space, I was inspired to share my own. The following images are grainy pictures from my phone, but they nonetheless capture where I work on this blog (dissertation and more). It is still a work in progress, but I like a project. Enjoy!



The main reason I made this room my own: it came with book shelves (although I need more).


My favorite corner (the reading nook) is adorned with work from Memorial Stitches and Death Follows.


A holy water station just in case the demons escape my books.



I really love this print of a decapitated ghost.


I found this branch of acorns last fall and hung them in my window. According to folklore, they protect the house from being struck by lightening.



Diamond Joe (a.k.a. Keke, Kitty Kitty Boo Boo) sits on the reading chair more than me.

3 thoughts on “Chapelle Ardente: My Writing Space”

  1. holy shit, i’m going to repaint my house but i never thought of black ! i need to paint my bedroom and writing space. but holy shit your writing room is amazing!!!! i want to decorate and give my house a look of its own but need inspiration so posts like this are amazing. love always!


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