Indiana Cemeteries: Old Turkey Run


I went “camping” over Labor Day weekend, which required a long trek down country roads. When I am driving down country roads, I always have my eyes open for small cemeteries tucked away in forested areas and in between corn fields.

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My dog Jolene (and June, not pictured) joined me on this cemetery journey.

I found the Old Turkey Run Cemetery (south of Wingate, IN) before crossing Turkey Run Creek on the way to the cabin. It was at the end of a very long grassy road off the main road. I wasn’t sure if I could drive my car down it and my dogs were anxious, so I decided to make a stop on the way home. I wasn’t disappointed.


Someone is really taking care of this place.
“Gone Home”
View of the road from the cemetery. Ignore the green dot from iPhone. It’s NOT a ghostly orb. 😉

According to,

This peaceful cemetery, set back from the road, was established in 1828. The first person buried there was Mary Westfall, her remains moved there, from their original place of interment, when the new Turkey Run church and cemetery was established there. The church was replaced by a new building, close to the town of Wingate, then called Pleasant Hill, in 1852. The church was renamed to Pleasant Hill Christian Church, at that time. The original location of the church, on the cemetery grounds, is marked by a stone plaque, in the ground, and four boulders. 

Below is the plaque remembering the old church.

I loved the design on this memorial, especially the small flourishes.


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4 thoughts on “Indiana Cemeteries: Old Turkey Run”

  1. I have some information on who was buried this cemetary in the form of PDFs. There are more people buried there than stones, as a lot of stones were lost.


  2. Hi,

    The person who took care of this cemetery was Dallas Jones, and after he passed away last year in February was the first person buried in about 150 years I think. He never cashed a dime and whatever money the township allotted to him sits in a trust so the township has the money to pay someone should they need to.

    There is a small booklet titled “History of Pleasant Hill Christian Church of Wingate, Indiana by J.D. Thomas” that gives detail on the cemetary/church/school from its beginning. – If you’re interested I’ll dig up the scan.



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