Indiana Cemeteries: Heady Cemetery



When I was a young girl living in Fishers, IN, my friend and I found a cemetery in the middle of our subdivision. Its location seemed random, but modern development building around (and unfortunately on top of) old grave sites isn’t new (I mean there’s a grave in the middle of the road in Amity, IN). My friend and I, for some very odd reason, thought we were the first to stumble across this graveyard and took ownership of it. We began to clean up, pick up fallen branches and pile them at the edge of the cemetery. We made a list of each gravestone, marking the name, date of birth and death. We then called up everyone in the phone book with corresponding last names to let them know we found their ancestors’ graves. I was an odd child.

I was attached to the cemetery, as are a lot of spirits. The cemetery, dating back to the 19th century, has many members of the Heady family. Many legends surround the graveyard, including a grave-robber that accidentally dug up his son’s own body (yeah, I don’t know) and completely lost it. He now haunts the area.


Near the cemetery is a hollow (126th Street/Allisonville Road) where a schoolhouse ran by the Heady family burned down. Several children were killed and their spirits will appear on foggy nights on that road. Historical records of such a school have not been found. I’m not sure if it is true, but I’ll let you know when I return to my hometown on a foggy night.

These photos are from a recent visit back in November, 2015.

Lambs, which represent innocence, are often found on children’s graves. Allison passed away at the age of 2 months, 1 day.
The symbol represents a hand pointing to heaven.
Here we see another lamb and pointing hand. The dove represents God, a messenger of God.
This gravestone marks three graves. Three Weeping Willow trees, which represent sorrow and mourning, appear at the top.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Cemeteries: Heady Cemetery”

  1. I also thought I was the only one to know about the Heady Cemetery when I was young. I loved looking at all the symbols on the stones.


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