The Ghost

All it takes is a little dark and solitude to make me a believer. I’m a Scully in the streets and Mulder in the sheets. – Madeleine Davies, Jezebel 

Hello, I’m Ash. When I was very young, I was intrigued with ghost stories. I kept a small notebook with black pages in which I would jot down (with Gelly Roll pens, of course) ghost stories I heard, terms I learned, and quotes I enjoyed. I would print out ghost stories and pictures from the internet (thanks AOL) and glue them into my notebook. It was filled with handwriting, printed text, graphics, sketches. I assumed it would be a guidebook for my future career as a paranormal investigator.

While the book is most likely hidden in my parents’ attic, my interest in ghosts has not wavered. And, while my skepticism has grown, my desire to actually see a ghost has never vanished.

On this site, and in a physical notebook, I will continue my childhood scholarly pursuits of understanding ghosts and society’s fascination with them. I look forward to making this personal project public and hearing your insights.

Ash has a PhD in Rhetoric and enjoys researching ghosts with her two cats, Kitty Kitty Boo Boo and Wind. 

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10 thoughts on “The Ghost”

  1. Is it ironic that your article in dirge mag I stumbled upon not only taught me about those but (this is the ironic part) is actually being printed (after note taking was too much) and used in my own commonplace notebook? Haha. Love your writing and your blog/website here a lot. And don’t worry full credit is given in my notebook! I like your writing style too very much. And I love reading about the paranormal! I’ve had ghost experiences my entire life and I like how what you write isn’t all bullshit. It’s all perfect to me.

    Much love,

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      1. THIS IS GOING IN MY COMMONPLACE BOOK TOO! (: i’ve journalled my entire life, blogged, and recently tried and hated bullet journalling. something wasn’t right, not for me. but i liked the idea of unorganized journaling (esp in a literal notebook like usual). Then your dirge mag post and your site changed everything! i’m so excited for the first time ive actually organized my journalling, since i havent chronologically for 7 years (properly). I’m Abbie and I really do love your blog too itself, the content. I’ll post a photo of your entry in my notebook on one of my websites for you asap!

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  2. It’s a beautiful cool Spring morning in New England and the sun is shining through the trees on some of the old gravestones. It’s quiet except for the birds singing, here and there a squirrel looking for acorns from last year’s Fall. It’s peaceful and far away from the unnecessary protests and riots. Looking at the moss covered gravestones crumbling, you reflect on life,… Indeed it is short with only one chance to live it to the fullest because, who knows what will happen tomorrow. Those that live their lives in peace understand. Those that ruin their lives out there do not understand and will never find peace. I will continue my morning walk with a smile on my face because I know how to enjoy the little things in life…


  3. Very interesting topic. Do you keep track in your commonplace book chronologically or do you have it divided in sections?


  4. Just found Notebook. Delight! I love ghosts, their stories, and I hope never to meet one because I’m an abject coward. I’m also a hardcore commonplace book creator/user, so two delights at finding you.


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