Notebook of Ghosts Going Forward

Well, hello. I have been on a short break, because I had a lot of important things to focus on. This hiatus, like many of my hiatuses, gave me a chance to reflect on what Notebook of Ghosts means to me going forward. As of now, I’m enjoying three things the most: (1) archival research with old newspapers; (2) Indiana hauntings and folklore; and (3) commonplace books. Thus, this will be my focus going forward (until my next hiatus 😉).

I am also lowering the bar in terms of scheduling. The reason is twofold: I want to enjoy what I am doing and I want to work on it until I am finished. With that said, I have a very loose goal of posting on this blog monthly. I will post on my other blog, It Was Not a Ghost, monthly as well.

I will (try to) post #humdayhaunts on my Instagram weekly.

Anyway. I am not going anywhere, just pivoting.

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