Happy Valentine’s Day: Ghost Stories of Tragic Love

Happy Valentine’s Day. I dusted off this post from the archives for you! ❤

Notebook of Ghosts

shadowhand“Deep in earth my love is lying. And I must weep alone.” -Edgar Allan Poe 

They say tragic events can leave spirits on earth, and passionate love so often ends in tragedy. They also say unfinished business can leave souls wandering the earth. How often have we felt a romance end without closure? Today, on the most romantic of holidays, I thought we might explore these stories of love. Love so passionate it leaves a heartbroken, supernatural stain on earth.

The Bride on the Bridge

In Stowe, Vermont lies a covered bridge they call “Emily’s Bridge.” There are several versions of Emily’s sad tale. Some versions say that Emily and her boyfriend were meeting at the bridge to elope, since her parents did not approve. He never came, and she hung herself from a rafter. Another version says Emily was left at the wedding alter. She hopped on a carriage to…

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