Frozen to Death

It’s freezing in Indiana, so I thought I’d share this post from the archives!

Notebook of Ghosts


Welcome to a special Wednesday post about freezing to death: perfect winter ghost stories to tell around a warm fireplace or for scaring others at the cold bus stop.

When The Midnight Society announced their #SpookyAllYear blogging event, I thought of two things: (1) I have to participate and (2) Damn, I miss Are You Afraid of the Dark?

My favorite episode (with a young Melissa Joan Hart) was “The Tale of the Frozen Ghost.” Our protagonists encounter a blue-ish, pale ghost of a young boy in the woods that utters the words, “I’m cold.” By the end of the episode, he peacefully goes to the other side when the protagonists find his red coat. To this day, I say the “I’m cold” line in a young boy’s voice when I’m especially cold to usually unamused friends.

This childhood memory triggered another childhood memory. One day, in fourth grade, I had to…

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