6 Things Haunting Me This Week



Each Friday, I’m going to share spooky reads and products that are haunting me. Maybe it is an article I read that I cannot stop thinking about. Maybe it is something I cannot wait to purchase on payday. Please note, this post is 100% my recommendations. Products featured are not ads. I just really love them! 


Laurie A. Conley draws the cutest damn ghosts. Laurie will also draw your house as a haunted house. What a great housewarming gift for a spooky friend. Cough cough, that friend is me.

I thought this was fun. Find your sign and see what type of ghost you’ll be!



Mary Shelley’s Obsession with the Cemetery – JSTOR Daily – Bess Lovejoy 

“The author of Frankenstein always saw love and death as connected. She visited the cemetery to commune with her dead mother. And with her lover.”

First Kill the Witches. Then, Celebrate Them – New York Times, Opinion – Stacy Schiff

“How did Salem, Mass., repackage a tragedy as a holiday, appointing itself ‘Witch City’ in the process?

The Horror Oscars: The Best Scary Movies of Every Year Since 1978’s ‘Halloween’ – The Ringer – Sean Fennessey 

“Horror movies are almost always passed over come Oscar season. It’s time to correct that sin.”

Charley, The Haunted Doll – Atlas Obscura 

“Rumored to have tormented a family in the late 1960s, this toy now resides in a quiet little oddities shop.”


Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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