6 Things Haunting Me This Week


Each Friday, I’m going to share spooky reads and products that are haunting me. Maybe it is an article I read that I cannot stop thinking about. Maybe it is something I cannot wait to purchase on payday. Please note, this post is 100% my recommendations. Products featured are not ads. I just really love them! 


Remember the story “The Green Ribbon” from the book In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories? If you are unfamiliar with the story: I’ve blogged about it here.

One of my favorite pin shops, Krystan Saint Cat, made these buttons. I gasped! You can buy them here.

I have been really obsessing over this account on Instagram. I mean look at these candles! Can you spot the tiny ghost, pumpkins, and cat? And those shades of purple.

This batch is appearing in a shop update on September 23rd, noon PST. Will you be refreshing your screen with me?


Halloween: Death Makes a Holiday – Nourishing Death

“I’m going to take a look at how the holiday and the foods associated with it have changed over the decades through sharing examples of menus and descriptions in various journals, cookbooks and magazines.”

Cursed Paintings: Ill-Fated Portraits and Unlucky Landscapes – Folklore Thursday 

“The cursed painting is an enduring urban legend that continues to have the ability to scare us, and also makes a good tabloid news story.” 

Sarah Chavez on Death Positivity, Grief, and Intersetional Feminism – Luna Luna Magazine 

Two people I really admire having a really great conversation. 

I came across this piece of folklore on Twitter. I love the idea of ghosts traveling internationally.


Featured Image: Photo by Gianni Zanato on Unsplash

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