6 Things Haunting Me This Week


Each Friday, I’m going to share spooky reads and products that are haunting me. Maybe it is an article I read that I cannot stop thinking about. Maybe it is something I cannot wait to purchase on payday. Please note, this post is 100% my recommendations. Products featured are not ads. I just really love them! 


The Folio Society, creators of crafted editions of your literary favorites, just released their Autumn Collection. My personal library is 80% anthologies of spooky short stories and BOY AM I IN TROUBLE. They released The Folio Anthology of Horror Stories. The cover and accompanying illustrations are just beautiful. Can I add this to my wedding registry?

So, I love whiskey and Halloween. Luckily, I found an Old Fashioned glass from World Market with a cute vintage cat and jack-o-lantern. You can get a pair of glasses for less than $10 (+shipping).

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My usual Sunday morning is hot coffee, a good ghost book, and baked goods. One of my favorite autumn-inspired, Sunday morning breakfasts is Pumpkin Streusel Coffeecake from King Arthur Flour. There’s cinnamon filling, people.


Before TV, Kids Would Flock to Midnight Ghost Shows – Paleofuture

“Midnight ghost shows (sometimes called “spook,” “voodoo,” or “monster” shows) promised a night of creepy and playful stunts. There were glowing ghosts, floating objects, psychic readings and dozens of other illusions, all playing off the nation’s interest in spiritualism between the two World Wars.”

Kay’s Cross: Polygamists, Cult Leaders & Satanic Panic – The Dead History 

A new post from my favorite blog! Jennifer, a paranormal researcher and historian, finds the human voice in urban legends! 

“Telling the Bees” – JSTOR Daily 

“In nineteenth-century New England, it was held to be essential to whisper to beehives of a loved one’s death.”


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