Weekly Yuputka: My Halloween Tradition

Yuputka (n.): the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin. 

I have my Halloween traditions. The Headless Horseman Festival. Fireball and warm apple cider. Anthologies on Gothic literature. Pumpkin bread pudding. Jezebel’s Annual Spooky Story Contest. 

Every Halloween, readers share their scary stories, and I scroll through them for hours. These stories can be paranormal or not. I actually find the stories about real people are the scariest.

While you cannot fact-check anonymous users, everyone promises their stories are 100% real. And frankly. it’s more fun to just believe that.

This year’s contest started and has already reached 3, 513 comments. They will announce winners soon in a post (I’ll link to it when they do here it is!). They will provide the winner’s stories for those who rather not scroll through all the 3,500+ comments.

Here’s one of my favorites from this year’s contest. I wonder if it will be a winner?

Untitled, from user Pee Before You Go

This happened to a friend of a friend earlier this summer (as told by my friend). I’ll call her friend Jane. Jane is a nurse who works a specific shift at a local hospital and keeps a really consistent schedule. She gets up at 5am, takes a shower, and then heads off to work. Jane lives in a bungalow a block away from Green Lake in Seattle. For those of you unfamiliar, Green Lake is a really popular place for running, outdoor and park activities, dining, etc and is super busy during the summer.

It’s common for people to be out late at night during the summer, so Jane didn’t think anything was amiss when she heard noises outside her house at midnight. She woke up again around 3am, but this time the noises were louder, like something was hitting or tapping her house. She turned on all the lights and walked around her place, but didn’t see anything and went back to bed. She felt uneasy and didn’t sleep well the rest of the night, and woke up a just before her alarm went off at 5am.

As she sat up in bed, she looked through her open bedroom door to see a man on all fours, army crawling down the hall towards her bedroom. As my friend tells it, Jane screams, and as she goes to grab her phone to call 911, the man calmly stands, looks at her, and says, “don’t worry, I’m leaving.” The man turned around and walked toward the front door. She shut her bedroom door and called the police.

After the police arrived, she discovered the man had removed all of her window screens and presumably entered her home around the time she woke up at 3am. The police did not believe he intended to rob her, since he didn’t take any of her valuables. The only things he did take were her car keys and her house keys that were in her purse by the front door.

My friend’s husband is a cop and believes the only reason this guy was so calm is because he has likely done this before. He also thinks he had probably been watching her for some time and knew her schedule well enough to attack her when she was most defenseless (naked, in the shower). Whether he took her keys as a mindfuck or because he intended to come back is beyond me, but it’s so creepy.

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