Weekly Yuputka: The Game

Yuputka (n.): the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin. 


This week’s scary story is one I actually experienced, but from the sidelines. The Olympics have me thinking about my own athletic memories. My entire childhood and adolescence was devoted to the game of soccer. There’s one game that still gives me chills. Simply put, I saw a paranormal intervention unfold before me. Names have been changed.

When I was about 15, my soccer team and I were traveling somewhere in the Midwest for a soccer tournament. I was always excited for these trips, because I got to have sleepovers with my best friends and play a sport I loved.

On the second morning of our tournament, my teammate Ann seemed a bit off. I asked her what was wrong over a free hotel breakfast. She was a forward (striker) on our team. She explained to me that she had a dream the night before that she was running towards the goal and had a collision with the goalie. She said that she broke her leg in this dream. Obviously, this would scare anyone before a day of big games.

Later on at our second game, we were beating the other team by many points. As custom, we decided to switch up positions to give other players a chance to score or enjoy a position they never got to play. My friend Ann was taken out of the game and replaced with our goalie, Sara.

Around center field, Sara got the ball. I was sitting on the sidelines and I was so excited to see our goalie, that plays the furthest position back, get a chance to score a goal. She was able to get through multiple players with ease. She was going to score, I was sure.

Then it was only her and the opposing team’s goalie. They collided and I heard the snap of a bone echo across the field. To this day, thinking about that sound makes me cringe. Sara, who was playing Ann’s position, had broken her leg.

Sara was hospitalized, but healed completely after quite some time. She continued to be an amazing goalie after her recovery.

Was Ann’s dream a warning, a prophecy, a coincidence? Did she avoid a broken leg, because she was replaced with Sara? I’ll never know, but it will always freak me out.

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