Weekly Yuputka: The Demon Follows

Yuputka (n.): the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin. 


I’m back and I’ve missed blogging so very much! Moving has been a chore. I’ve been working tirelessly to create a writing sanctuary where I can read, write, and consume all things scary. Black walls, macabre art, piles of books, and candles now fill my very first room solely meant for exploring the paranormal.

I am currently working on a blog post about women in ghost hunting, but I wanted to share a scary (and true) story for now. This is another favorite from Jezebel’s scary story contest (I cannot help it, they are so good). Enjoy (and I’m happy to be back)!

Untitled, from user Schoolmarm

This is a story about a demon. I had a boyfriend once who spent his teen years in Germany. He was a “bad kid” and he and his friends got into demonology and black masses and stuff. There was an abandoned residential building with a large basement where they would hang out. My BF got a book on demonology and they decided to hold a black mass type ritual. They draw a big pentagram on the floor, hold the ritual and do the chants. They’d been drinking beer from bottles. At some point during the chanting, one of the kids, apparently in a trance, took a bottle, broke it, stepped into the pentagram, and cut his arm all the way through to the tendons. A huge roar was heard through the room and a giant black shadow crossed the room. My BF pulled the kid out of the pentagram and tackled him to the ground, gripping his cut arm to stop the bleeding. When they asked the kid why he did it, he said “it kept telling me I had to do it”. Upon further investigation, it was discovered the ritual called for the blood of a virgin. They assumed nobody there was a virgin- turned out this kid was the only one.

My BF told me he came back to the U.S. not long after, trying to get away from what he felt was this demon following him in anger. He believed it was due to the fact that he was the leader of this little experiment, and that by pulling the kid out of the pentagram he had angered the demon. He had a lot of substance abuse problems after that, and this is where the demon came into my life. We did seem to have a lot of bad luck but I never thought much of it. After 4 years together, his drug problem got to be so bad that it was wrecking our lives. I talked him into entering inpatient rehab in Dallas, a couple of hours away from where we lived in Austin. The intake took all day, and when I left, a huge snowstorm- the biggest in 20 years, had come in out of nowhere, and I had no idea it was heading our way. The temps were in the 70’s on our way to Dallas with clear skies- who would have guessed? I phoned an old acquaintance who lived in the city and asked to crash with her until the snow melted so I could drive back. On the evening of the fourth night, I told her I would be going home the next day. She looked at me for a minute and told me she wanted to do something for me before I left.

Turns out this acquaintance was in one of these Christian-based religions that believe in demons and casting out demons etc. She took me to an empty room and started doing this thing where she was speaking in tongues and commanding God to take out the demon inside me. I was pretty weirded out and uncomfortable because I didn’t believe in any of that stuff. After about 45 minutes though, my eyes were crying profusely and I could barely breathe, though I couldn’t tell you why because my emotions did not match. I was mostly just confused. After an hour, she finally stopped to my great relief and said “I tried to get the demon out but it has a terrible hold on you. It’s just very very angry now. You have to promise me that you will pray a lot and keep telling him to go away”. I agreed, mostly so I could just get to bed.

The next morning was bright and sunny and all the snow and ice was gone. I was happy to be going home, and decided to stop at a nearby convenience store to pick up some snacks for the drive back. I then got back on the highway and started driving. Ten minutes later, I had reached full speed and was cruising along on an empty highway when the only chunk of ice for miles seemed to roll directly into my path. It was too late to avoid it and I knew not to hit the brakes, so I took my foot off the gas and decided I’d have to drive through it and hope for the best. My last conscious thought was to pray that I wouldn’t kill anyone else. I found out when I came to that a truck- the only other vehicle for miles, was in the lane next to mine. The driver said my car skidded into their lane and back out, and then seemed to be pushed right back to her lane again as if an invisible hand had done it. I had to be cut out of the car with the jaws of life though I received no injuries whatsoever- except for some whiplash.

I was on forced bed rest for the next few days. Every time I would close my eyes to sleep, I would see the face of an angry demon coming at me, as if it wanted to kill me. I would scream at it in my sleep, telling it to leave me and though I never really prayed to God (not my thing) I prayed to my dead grandmother to help me. I left my boyfriend not soon after, knowing the demon would never leave until I got away from him. Over time, the demon would recede in my vision, seeming further and further away each time. It’s long gone now, but I feel it like it’s this thing unleashed into the universe that’s out there, angry.

My post “17 Female Ghosts & Demons in Japanese Folklore” has been featured on Death and the Maiden. Check it out! 

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