Weekly Yuputka: Willie

Yuputka (n.): the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin. 

light-clouds-grass-groundToday’s scary and true story comes from my favorite collection of modern scary stories: Jezebel’s annual scary story contest. This story is about two young girls communicating with a spirit through fog and mirrors. Enjoy!

Untitled, from user havarti_mcfly

When I was a kid I had several ghost encounters at my best friend Melissa’s house (where I spent a lot of my time). It started as lights flickering on and off. But once we were playing in her basement and a fluorescent tube light shut off, leaving us in total darkness. When we finally made to another light to turn it off and inspected the faulty one we found it was not just off, but the pull string that turned on/off the light was wound around the light in such a way that we could not reach it.

From then on, we decided that there was definitely a ghost in the house and we named it, Willie. We discovered that we could talk to him by asking questions and fogging up an old pocket mirror with our breath – his answer would be written in the fog. He would write very short answers, mostly like “hi.” and “yes” and “no” – we could have conversations by asking a question and fogging up the mirror for his answer, then we would wipe it off and ask another question and fog up again for his next answer. I say this because whenever I tell this story people inevitably say that the words were residue left on the mirror – but the back and forth nature of the conversations eliminate this as a possibility.

Willie didn’t scare us, though – he was playful and fun and after we went back and forth with the mirror a few times he wouldn’t really bother us. However we discovered another ghost (or maybe it was Willie’s mean alter ego) that wasn’t as nice in his responses. When we would call out for Willie to play he would write very shortly “NO!” and in Willie’s messages to us he would refer to this other ghost as “killer” – ie we would ask him why he was so angry and Willie would respond “that was killer.” Willie also seemed frightened of “Killer” telling us that “he scares me” through the mirror when we asked about him.

The cap to this whole thing was once Melissa and I were in her pool, playing with the mirror. When we asked Willie what we should do that day the message in the mirror was very short: “die.” We screamed and tried to wipe the mirror – but the fog wouldn’t wipe away. We dipped the mirror in the pool water to wipe it that way but still, the fog and the word “die” was there clearly. We freaked out and threw the mirror on the glass and stayed in the pool a long time after. When we got out we got the courage to go up the mirror and it was totally clean, we fogged it up again and no words were there.

We stopped talking to both ghosts at that point because it was too scary. I’m not a very superstitious person but I absolutely swear on my life that this happened. I got back in touch with Melissa on Facebook a couple years ago and the first message I sent her was about Willie/Killer and was just like, that happened right? it wasn’t just us having over-active imaginations, right? And she wrote back and said “oh my god, I remember it exactly the same way – no one believes me but it totally happened.” This was the longest story ever but I never once doubted that I had a ghost as a friend when I was a kid.

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