Weekly Yuputka: The Dorm Room

Yuputka (n.): the phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin. 


Life has been hectic lately, so I was unable to post Sunday (apologies). I think we all need a break from adult responsibilities. So, here’s a true scary story submitted to Jezebel’s annual scary story contest (2012). Enjoy!

Untitled, from user Elisabetha

For the first year of college, my best friend and I shared a dorm room together. A few months in, her cell phone started receiving missed calls from the same number a few times a week. She never answered and it never left a message. Once this was going on for a few weeks, we realized that it always called when her and I were together outside of the dorm room, which we thought was a strange coincidence. One day, I was locked out of our room and sat outside the door waiting for her to return from the grocery store. While I was sitting outside, I heard her cell phone ringing inside. When she got back, I mentioned that someone had called her, she checked and it was the same number as usual. We both were fed up at this point, so she decided to call it back. Once she dialed, our dorm phone (for the room) started ringing. Our dorm phone, which we had never used before, had been calling her phone for weeks, always when we were together out of our room. We immediately unplugged the phone.

A few weeks after that, she told me that she was experiencing strange things in her sleep (we were big on the naps). She said that it would often feel like someone was pouring hot water all over her body and then felt as if someone was crawling on top of her and pinning her down. During this time, she felt awake, but couldn’t cry out. She started to talk about feeling this more and more often and we both were getting a little freaked out. One day, I was sitting at my desk doing homework and she was napping and all of a sudden, she shot up in bed screaming my name. I was terrified. She said that she had been trying to scream my name, but it felt like someone was on top of her holding their hands over her mouth. Finally, one night I started to experience the same sensations. I woke up in the middle of the night because it felt like something warm had just been poured over my body. I tried to sit up, but couldn’t. I tried to say something, but couldn’t. Then it felt like someone was crawling on top of me and pressing their hands down on my shoulders, pinning me down. I kept pushing back against it and was finally able to sit up in bed and shout out. This started happening more and more to us, to where it got to the point where we would take turns sleeping while someone stayed awake with the lights on. I can’t stress enough how terrifying this became. We even went to our dorm lady (I forget what they’re called) and asked her to move rooms, but there weren’t any available.

Then one night, a few months later (yes, this stuff was happening over the whole year, imagine living like this for a year) we were both in the room watching tv, and suddenly all at the same time, the tv turned to static, the dorm phone (which we unplugged) and my roommates phone started ringing and our shutters started rapidly opening and closing. We both screamed and ran. Thankfully, we had friends in the dorm who let us sleep on their floor that night.

The final event happened one night when we were both sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Every time I tell this, someone assumes I was half asleep, but I was not, I was fully awake. At the time, my roommate worked at a Thai restaurant and they had a specific outfit to wear, red shirt, black pants, black apron. Anyways, while I was in the bathroom, I heard someone else come in. I peeked through the crack in the door, and I saw the back of my roommate standing in front of the mirror, wearing her restaurant outfit and moving her hands as if she was putting moisturizer on her face or something. I started to wonder what in the world she was doing, so I opened the stall door and asked her. She slowly turned her head, stared straight at me and then ran out of the bathroom. (This is something like out of a scary movie, I know.) It all really happened before I could fully comprehend, but as soon as she ran out of the bathroom, all of the lights turned off, the lights in the bathroom, the lights in the hallway (which never turn off), everything. I was so terrified, I quickly ran back to our room and burst in to the room screaming my roommate’s name. She sat up sleepily in bed, in her pajamas. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

We moved out to our own apartment soon after that (thank goodness), but two years later (two years!) I received an email from the dorm lady we had originally talked to. She said that she had never been able to forget what we would told her, so she had looked into it and found out that someone had committed suicide in our dorm room over ten years ago by jumping out the window. Also, when I was retelling our story to a group of friends a few years later, one of them stopped and said “wait, are you talking about room 107?” Apparently his cousin had stayed there the past year and moved out because she claimed it to be haunted. I know this sounds like a script to a movie or something, but it really happened, exactly how I described. It was the most terrifying year and every time I talk about it, I break out in goose bumps. I also just had to look over my shoulder lol… it has stuck with me.

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